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The New Venture Creation Process in Cooperation with Science Park Jönköping (Management Project)

The purpose of this study is to explore how students at Jönköping University can establish a new business and to what extent Science Park Jönköping is involved throughout the business creation process.

Numerous researches have been done on new venture creation and business incubation. However, these two areas of research are rarely combined. When it comes to venture creation, most theories focus either solely on the start-up process or on the entrepreneur and the environment.

The novelty of this study lies in combining those two different fields of research and at the same time focusing on the entrepreneur, the environment and the start-up process. The authors aim at investigating the start-up process in connection with the business incubator Science Park Jönköping. This paper is opposing new venture creation process theory with empirical findings and further examining the influence of the business incubator Science Park Jönköping.

The authors of this paper followed a qualitative approach which was implemented in the form of personal interviews. The participants of this study are entrepreneurs who created their venture in cooperation with Science Park Jönköping as well as one representative from Science Park Jönköping.

Contrary to previous research, the participants of this study do not perceive the business creation process and its stages as linear. Moreover, influential factors like the attributes of the entrepreneur and the environment have to be taken into account when speaking about the start-up of a company. Science Park Jönköping offers services at all stages of the process whereas the most intense contact between the business incubator and the entrepreneur takes place in the very beginning.
Source: Jönköping University
Author: Brettl, Eva | Kleinert, Vinia | Karamatova, Liliya

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