Plaque Identification using Automated Image Enhancement (Computer/Biomedical Project)

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Image enhancement is a task of applying certain transformations to an original image for obtaining output image visually more pleasant, more detailed, or less noisy. The transformation usually requires interpretation and feedback from a human evaluator for the output result image.

In this project we introduce automatic image enhancement techniques which are helpful in plaque identification. Plaque is accumulation of Lipid pool & calcium cell in coronary artery which leads obstruction of blood flow & this disease is called atherosclarosys.

This project uses an original objective criterion for enhancement, and attempt to find the best image according to the respective criterion. Images are transformed into either of following forms as per the requirement of user 1)gray scale image 2) edge detection 3)color image 4) magnifying Image. We can obtain results both in terms of subjective and objective evaluation, which will be very helpful to process images of plaque taken through various imaging techniques like X-ray , Ultrasound , CT Scan &MRI.
Author: Pratik Vyas, Gunjan Patel

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