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Time plays an important role in today’s world. Any information is useful if it is available on the right time. Quick and correct information at the right time needs computerization. Many scientists & engineers have to spend their valuable time to attend a conference, which is going on a long distance place. So this project will help them to participate in the conferences.

The main concept of Net Conference is developing the conference on the net. We can compare the Net conference with the Telephone Conference. Normally in Telephone Conference, there will be more than two users connected at a time and all the users are able to here words from any one of the user. So implementing the same concept on the Net is nothing but Net Conference.

This project is used to:

  • Conduct conferences with their employees. So they can get online decisions from employees from the different branches of the company.
  • The another advantage is that the company is having branches throughout the country. So this will help them to communicate business affairs of the company and live meetings and conferences between their directors. They can conduct board of directors meeting.
  • It will give On-line solutions from the superiors to the employees.

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