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Range Gated Viewing with Underwater Camera (Computer Project)

The purpose of this project, performed at FOI, was to evaluate a range gated underwater camera, for the application identification of bottom objects. The central part has been field trials, which have been performed in both turbid and clear water.

Conclusions about the performance of the camera system have been done, based on resolution and contrast measurements during the field trials. Laboratory testing has also been done to measure system specific parameters, such as the effective gate profile and camera gate distances.

The field trials shows that images can be acquired at significantly longer distances with the tested gated camera, compared to a conventional video camera. The distance where the target can be detected is increased by a factor of 2. For images suitable for mine identification, the increase is about 1.3. However, studies of the performance of other range gated systems shows that the increase in range for mine identification can be about 1.6. Gated viewing has also been compared to other technical solutions for underwater imaging.
Source: Linköping University
Author: Andersson, Adam

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