An Android based Monitoring and Alarm System for Patients with Chronic Obtrusive Disease (Electronics/Computer Project)

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Consistent monitoring of vital health parameters is an important issue in the medical industry. With recent technologies we are able to carry out remote monitoring of physiological parameters in patients. This allows communication between a patient and medical personnel using a smart-phone, which will collect, analyze and transfer heart rate and oxygen saturation data for subsequent review by a medical professional.

Before any on-line analysis is performed on the phone it is necessary to clarify the nature of the correlation between these medical parameters. In the current thesis we establish connection between a patient wearing a pulse-oxymeter and a smart-phone running Android and perform continuous data collection. All measurements were done in consultation with medical facility and involved real patients.

This data is subsequently analyzed using change point detection and anomaly detection algorithms in off-line mode. Both techniques are complementary to each other and showed reliable results which could be useful for a medical review.
Source: Örebro University
Auhtor: Koshmak, Gregory

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