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Nowadays every user who uses Internet wants to search for anything and everything, like Educational colleges, about Information Technology, books, news etc., using Search Engines. This is the need for every one.

This project is a simple search engine, which searches the web with 3 search engines and selects 25 top links and lists them. To develop this project we applied ranking algorithm to give better results to the user.


Users Access internet and get information From different Web sites.The approach to find information From websites is a difficult task.To ease for searching of various information over the websites by giving search keywords requires a software.The search engine software ensures the end user to get the information by accessing the websites specified in the database.

We cover many Search engines and information is provided in four key areas on our site:

1. Search Engine News

2. Search Engine Marketing

3. Search Engines Directory

4. Books & Services

Here is what you will find in each of the four information areas:

Search Engine News:

Keeping up to date with the constantly changing world of search engines has been a challenge. Staying current is now easy with our search engine news page. Articles from a variety of sources are posted each day to help you keep up with all aspects of the world of search engines.

Stay up to date with comprehensive coverage of daily search engine news. A digest of all the latest search engine marketing, tools & technology, and industry news is delivered via email each day.

Weekly Marketing News:

Information on using search engines to market your web site is delivered once a week with a digest of articles covering all aspects of search engine marketing. Topics covered include: achieving high ranking with search engine optimization, pay per click search engine advertising, managing paid listings, link popularity, directory submissions, and more.

Search Engines Directory:

Our search engines directory provides a searchable database of thousands of specialty search engines. Find search engines dedicated to almost any topic. Currently, there are 2802 search engines listed.

In addition to typical search engines, we index all of the major search engines as well.

Search Engine Books & Services:

Our search engine books and services directory is the place to turn for further information or solutions to your marketing needs. Whether you are looking for a report for further study, need optimization services to improve your web site rank, or need a consultant to help you make critical design decisions, you will find the solutions here.

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