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Telepresence (Management Project)

Telepresence is one of the most promising collaboration tools, it allows companies to have meetings with colleagues and clients on the other side of the world giving the feeling that everyone is in the same room. This promising technology allows companies to cut costs, save time and reduce CO2 emission, using the best technology.

However one of the biggest Telecom Operators presents disappointing sales figures for the Telepresence service. Through this paper the current state of Telepresence is reviewed, the reasons for not reaching the sales target, and some alternatives are proposed and analyzed. In a large company like TCO many projects are developing and running and there is a lack of focus and resources for all projects, then it is necessary to choose the right option which offers more possibilities to encourage the use of Telepresence within the industry.

The resultant solution is Telepresence Public Rooms, after that economic feasibility analysis is performed, and a technique to choose the best location to install the service is done. Finally, a rank of the most suitable cities to install the Public Rooms is presented in the company of other recommendation. In the future this study can be improved with an algorithm with variable costs and revenues for each candidate city, and adding the direct benefit in the sales of Telepresence rooms, brand awareness, synergies with the vendors, and use economies of scale to offer a better service with a lower cost.
Source: KTH
Author: Pulido, Raul

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