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Viable options of financing a new venture on entrepreneur’s point of view (Management Project)

It is fact that one of the main reasons why a country is considered developed or developing lies on its industry development level. A nation without a well-developed industry does not create jobs enough, thus wealth to keep its population on high standards. It is critical to a nation have its national enterprises boosting employment and developing internal technologies, which is the driving force behind innovation.

Thus, small companies pose a tremendous opportunity to allow expansion and development; however one of the main constraints avoiding it is due to the difficulty in providing financial funds to entrepreneurial ventures, which is the main track of this study.

This study was based in two “newly industrialized countries” (Bozyk) (Brazil and Thailand) by analysing entrepreneurs in terms of how they have got seed funds to start their business, what they think about other options of start-up financing and if they would open a new company, would they choose a different source of funding? Moreover, a comparison between the two countries is assessed showing commonalities and differences between them, demonstrating the most viable seed funding options in the entrepreneur’s perspectiveas the completion of this study.
Source: KTH
Author: Alves Ojeda, Lauro Fabiano | Lapwanich, Ponlawat

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