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Automatic Bucket Fill (EEE/ECE Project)

This report contains the first step towards a complete, fully autonomous, robust bucket fill regulator for a wheel loader working with gravel materials.

The bucket fill procedure is the most critical part of the work cycle of a wheel loader. It is a task that has a long learning curve and also is weary, even for experienced drivers. The automation of it could therefore have a big impact on the cost effectiveness for wheel loaders and for the comfort of the drivers.

In this report, a suggestion for the complete solution of an automatic bucket fill regulator is presented. A regulator prototype is also constructed with a Volvo L120F as the base. The scope for the prototype is limited to one type of gravel material and quite optimal conditions for the wheel loader, but the complete solution is kept in mind throughout the synthesis. The constructed regulator is prepared for expansion, but the implementation and field testing is limited to the scope.
Source: Linköping University
Author: Almqvist, Håkan

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