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Stability Analysis of Shallow Tunnel of Norra Länken (Civil Project)

Shallow Tunneling through highly populated areas of big cities is a challenging task. Almost in all the tunneling projects of shallow tunnel some or the other types of tunneling problems have been encountered and are still being faced. The stability of shallow tunnel is also influenced by many factors, primarily the in situ stress, geological structures, groundwater, rock mass quality, shape of tunnel etc.

The design of shallow tunnel in past was almost purely a matter of experience. During last decays computational methods have been introduced as powerful design aids tool to arrive at safe and economical shallow tunnel structure. The purpose of this study is to provide technical criteria and guidance for the design, and stability of Norra Länken shallow tunnel in rock for civil works projects.

The design of shallow tunnels in highly dense areas is an iterative process. A good starting point is essential to the process and facilitates safe and economic design. Currently there are many practical two and three-dimensional software tools available for carrying out the task.

This study provides an overview of a methodology being used by tunneling experts, which captures the three-dimensional essentials of tunnel behaviour with two-dimensional analysis tools, PLAXIS. Though it is not a full and final situation and conclusion, but there is a lot to learn from such conditions.
Source: KTH
Author: Imran Khan, Rana Muhammad Sajid | Man Shrestha, Kabindra

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