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Optimization of the Polishing Procedure using a Robot assisted Polishing Equipment (Mechanical Project)

Today, manual polishing is the most common method to improve the surface finish of mould and dies for e.g. plastic injection moulding, although it is a cumbersome and time-consuming process. Therefore, automated robots are being developed in order to speed up and secure the final result of this important final process.

The purpose of this thesis is to find out some clues about the influence of different parameters for the polishing of a steel grade called Mirrax ESR (Uddeholm Tooling AB) using a Design of Experiment. The report starts with a brief description of mechanical polishing (the techniques and polishing mechanisms) and ends up with the optimization of the polishing procedure with a polishing machine, the Strecon RAP-200 made by Strecon A/S.

Even if all the runs of the Design of Experiments couldn’t be carried out, the surfaces studied revealed some information about the importance of the previous process (turning marks not removed) and about the link between the aspect of the surfaces and the roughness parameters.
Source: Halmstad University
Author: Gagnolet, Marielle

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