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The Memec Hexapod Robot: a demonstration platform (Robotics Project)

This project shows how to replace a microcontroller unit (MCU) on a six legged robot,involving adapting hardware and developing software. The robot is based on the mechanics from Lynx motion’s Phoenix Hexapod Robot, which is a mechanical vehicle with 6 legs and 18 servos.

The robot is controlled by two controller boards, which with available software can run pre-made movement sequences or be controlled by aPlaystation2 hand controller. One of the controller boards needs to be replaced by another more powerful MCU from another manufacturer. The new MCU comes from Avnet-Memec, which is a major semiconductor components distributor. They want to use the Hexapod Robot as a platform for demonstrating the capabilities of the franchises on their line card to attract potential customer’s interest and awareness.

The original Basic Atom Pro 28 MCU needs for that purpose to be replaced with hardware from an Avnet-Memec franchise. Avnet-Memec has decided to use the circuit board MBS270 from Mobisense Systems based on the ARM-processor Marvel PXA270 running Embedded Linux operating system. The project was successful and resulted in a Phoenix Hexapod Robot with a new more powerful and versatile MCU from an Avnet-Memec franchise.

The robot can runpre-made movement sequences as with the old MCU, but now with a much more powerful processor with support for features like wifi, video acquisition and much more. The robot was shown by Avnet-Memec at the Scandinavian Electronics Event fair 2010 in Älvsjö, Stockholm, Sweden, and was appreciated among visitors and other exhibitors.
Source: Uppsala University
Authors: Lindström, Mattias | Persson, Fredrik

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