The new premises of the Tanzanian orphanage Kichijo (Civil Project)

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To proceed with the relocation of orphanage, Kichijo new premises that are in line with all regulations need to be planned. That planning is the purpose of the project that is described here. Regulations are imposed by the social welfare and by national building regulations.

Further demands are given by the KCJF and I Aid Africa, and the plots themselves make up some restrictions. Major directing prerequisites have been the number of children at the orphanage and the demands regarding area, gender and age separation that are imposed by the social welfare department.

Drawings and site plans can be seen in appendix A-01.1-01 to A-49.0-04. In the presented layout common and staff areas are gathered in a main building. Gender separation is accomplished by separate dormitories for boys and girls, with separate rooms for the different age groups. The buildings are adapted to the terrain to avoid increased work and costs.

A suggested utilization of the farm plot can be seen in Figure 24 and in Appendix A-01.1-03. The farm has been given least attention, and only draft plans are presented. The drafts show facilities and disposition that fulfil the demands for the number of animals that the orphanage owns today.

Both I Aid Africa and KCJF want the new premises to have a low environmental impact. Environmental considerations are taken by planning for ecological sanitation and investigating the possibilities of rainwater harvesting. To aid the client I Aid Africa in the further process, a chapter describing real estate transactions and construction processes is included.

The main obstacle has been that the land intended for the orphanage buildings proved too small to hold buildings that fulfil all requirements. Therefore, the plans presented are based on the assumption that an adjacent plot can be bought. If that transaction cannot be carried through another alternative is to reduce the number of children. The suggested disposition can then easily be remade. The first steps towards relocating Kichijo have been taken.
Source: Linköping University
Author: Ljung, Jessica | Andersson, Nina

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