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Securing an ERP Implementation (Computer Project)

An implementation project of an ERP system results in large changes. Organizations that face an ERP implementation project have several risks to consider in order to avoid problems that cause failures.

The purpose of this research is to extend existing models and create a method for implementation of ERP systems. The method has then been employed to an ongoing project at the department of Procurement and Supply at Ericsson Mobile Platforms in Lund. Objectives for the research are to consider which implementation strategy can be used and how an organization can minimize risks.

The research approach and methodology is influenced by the qualitative research method since it was necessary to gather qualitative facts instead of quantitative facts. Included is also a case study due to the research is executed within Ericsson Mobile Platforms in Lund.

There are two main opposite implementation strategies, Big Bang and Step-by-Step. The choice of implementation strategy depends on number of factors like the size of the organizations, complexity and resources.

A method of ERP implementation has been put forward as a result of the integrated models. The method includes an overall model and a check list.

Risk identification is a problem that many implementation project faces, a way to solve this is to make a careful risk analysis, a risk matrix with several identified risks are putted forward throughout this study.
Source: Växjö University
Author: Andersson, Mari-Louise

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