Bookshop Automation (Computer Project)

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The Bookshop Automation System is to automate all operations in a bookshop. Generally it includes the Order Processing, Stock Management and Accounts Management.

Before automating a bookshop we have to understand the concept of automation. In automation of any operation we make a system which do work automatically as the respective events occurs, for which it is meant.

There are the some common examples of the automation like that auto pilot system in the aircraft, automatic home systems (electric system, water system, fire alarm system, doors system etc). These are best examples of the automation systems.

Here we are try to develop such type system which is provide the automation on the any type of the bookshop. That means a shop which has the type system which provides the facility to the customers of the shop to purchase the books from the shop without any complexity.

For example any customer want to purchase any book from the shop than first of all customer just choose the stream of the book than he/she can see the more then one type of books there and than he/she can choose the specific book from there. And then purchase it by paying price on bookshop cash counter and receives its invoice.

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