Low Temperature Waste Heat Solutions (Mechanical Project)

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The report comprises two separate parts:

Part 1: Temperature needs for district heating in the paint shop for axles in building 210

Part 2: Energy and low temperature waste heat solutions in heating and cooling systems for building 64 with surroundings

The paint shop for axles in part 1 has air quality requirements in places for coating of axles. To achieve desired air properties there are different process ventilation systems, which consist of ventilation coils for heating and cooling, plus air humidifier. The ventilations coils for heating use district heating. Today the ventilation coils use water of 100°C to achieve necessary air demands in the coating boxes.

This part of the report investigates whether the existing system would achieve the air requirements with a water temperature of 75°C instead of 100°C in the ventilation coils during the coldest parts of the year. The conclusion is that it is not possible; the existing system is adjusted for a water temperature of 100°C to achieve the air requirements. To use a water temperature of 75°C, more or major ventilation coils are needed.

The focus of the report is at part 2. In this part, possibilities for low temperature waste heat solutions are investigated. Those partly aim at specific local solutions for building 64 with surroundings and on the other part of general waste heat solutions for new buildings and reconstructions in the future. To make these parts possible, the systems for heating and cooling in building 64 have been identified. During this identification, potential savings that are not of waste heat character have also been observed.
Source: Linköping University
Author: Svensson, Klas | Wallenskog, Jonas

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