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The Process of Selecting Project Team Members in a Matrix Organization with Multiproject Environment (Management Project)

In a matrix organization, the process of selecting project team members is a collaboration between the functions and the projects. A project’s success or failure does often depend on that collaboration.

This project work examines the present situation at Saab Gripen Customer Support. The process is examined from four different perspectives: the roles of the functional and the project manager, competence development, behavioral science team roles and the complexity of the projects.

The result shows that the roles of the project manager and the functional manager in their collaboration are not properly defined. The communication between the project manager and the functional manager is insufficient. The competence development during the projects is not fully taken advantage of. There is a need to use behavioural science. Recommendations on how the situation can be improved are given. A model is proposed to give guidance in the process of selecting project team members.
Source: Linköping University
Author: Andersson, Johan | Finnserud, Mikael

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