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Architecture for Remote Diagnosis System used in Vehicles (Computer Project)

The diagnosis system of a Scania vehicle is an indispensable tool for workshop personnel and engineers in their work. Today Scania has a system for fetching diagnostic information from field test vehicles remotely and store them in a database, so called remote diagnosis. This saves the engineers much time by not having to visit every vehicle.

The system uses a Windows based on-board PC in the vehicle called an Interactor. The Interactor has a telematic unit for communication with Scanias Fleet Management System and the CAN-bus in the vehicle. In the next generation of the Interactor, its telematic unit is to be replaced by a Linux based telematic unit called the Communicator 200 (C200). The purpose of this master project is to create a new architecture for a remote diagnosis system that uses the new telematic unit Communicator 200.

The project gives an analysis of the current remote diagnosis system used at Scania and proposes an architecture for a new generation remote diagnosis system using the C200. Also a system for demonstrating how to perform remote diagnosis over the C200 has been built. The project describes the operation and how the demonstration system was implemented.
Source: Linköping University
Author: Björkman, Anders

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