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Sending E-Mail via SMS in Remote Monitoring System

This application note demonstrates how to make a simple system that monitors temperature and analog voltages remotely. On meeting certain alarm conditions, the system can send SMS messages, which are then converted to E-mail and forwarded to the designated E-mail address.

System Components:

1. PIC® microcontroller (PIC 16F877)

2. 1-Wire® temperature sensor (DS18S20)

3. 8-channel 12-bit, serial A/D converter (MAX127)

4. GSM modem

5. SMS to E-mail conversion service provided by TynTec

Source: Maxim

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2 comments on “Sending E-Mail via SMS in Remote Monitoring System

  1. mateja yango said:

    hi! I would like to learn more about micro controllers, am a third year student pursuing ECE, and I would like to do my final year project on digital electrical meter that is GSM/ Internet enabled, that it can send alerts. thanx in advance

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