Equities and Investment Portfolio Management (MBA Finance Project)

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  • The purpose of the study is to know the fluctuations in the share price of sample companies.
  • Help the unknown investors for investing in securities.
  • To update the portfolio reviewed and adjusted from time to time in tune with market condition.
  • To analyse the risk and return on securities.
  • To test portfolio strategies before taking decisions.


The objectives of Equities and investment portfolio management can be categorized as follows:

  • To observe the rate of  fluctuations of selected companies.
  • The amount of risk involved in the securities of the sample companies.
  • To make comparative study of risk and return of the sample companies.


The study covers all the information related to the Equity fund and the Portfolio management it also covers the investor risk in the investment in various securities.

  • Identification of the investor’s objectives, constraints and preferences.
  • Strategies are to be developed and implemented in tune with investment policy formulated.
  • To reduce the future risk in advance.
  • To earn maximum profit in the securities.
  • Review and monitoring of the performance of the portfolio.
  • Finally the evaluation of the portfolio.


Primary Data:

The data provided by the firm was been analyzes by using Markowitz model determines an efficient asset of portfolio return i.e.,

1. Return

2. Standard deviation

3. Coefficient of correlation

Secondary Data:

The data that is used in this project is of secondary nature. The data is to be collected from secondary sources such as various websites, journals, newspapers, books, etc., the analysis used in this project has been done using selective technical tools. In Equity market, risk is analyzed and trading decisions are taken on basis of technical analysis.It is collecting share prices of selected companies for a period of five years.

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