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Firm Dynamics, Endogenous Growth and International Trade (Management Project)

Recent empirical firm level studies reveal the structural heterogeneity of firms in process and product innovation, as well as the central role of product quality in determining world trade patterns and intensities.

This calls for a better understanding of the link between firm heterogeneity and the innovation and export decisions of firms which are at the base of productivity growth and, hence, economic growth and development.

This dissertation contributes to this debate focusing on the supply side. I propose a novel way to model the production technology of firms by introducing two attributes of firm heterogeneity: cost efficiency and product quality.

The goal of the first thesis chapter is to study the effects of process and product innovation on firm dynamics, productivity and endogenous long run growth. In the second chapter an open economy framework with trade between symmetric countries is analyzed. Here the focus is on quantifying the impact of trade as well as trade liberalization on firm innovation dynamics and productivity- and aggregate growth. The third chapter abstracts from endogenous growth and examines the role of the two attributes of firm heterogeneity in shaping the trade patterns and intensities within and across developed and developing countries.
Source: European University Institute
Author: Cristiana Benedetti Fasil

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