Common Employment System for Employment Exchanges using J2EE and Struts (Computer Project)

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The project has been developed to fulfill the requirements of the Employment Exchanges. The current product is a part of overall web-based employment portal. The product will take care of job seeker, employer and employment exchange perspective for submission activity. Subsequently, the following points were identified as the broad features required in the software to be developed for Employment Exchange Computerization at National Level with a facility to meet the additional/local requirements of the respective States.

  • Registration, Vacancy Booking & Submission
  • Employment Statistics
  • Employment Market Information
  • Vocational Guidance and Career Counseling for Self Employment

The EMI (Employment Market Information) module is responsible for providing the necessary functionality to generate Employment Market Information using ER-1 & ER-2 Returns. The module should assist Manpower shortage planners and Employment Officers in finding out kind of manpower required.

Work done in this project includes management of EMI Unit, EMI Unit Contact, EMI Office, EMI Office Contact, EMI Unit Type, EMI Return, and Return Periodicity. The work done on the module is adhering to sound software engineering principles.

All phases of the software development lifecycle, namely System Analysis, System Design, Testing and Implementation have been carried out in a systematic manner.

The tools and technologies used for developing the software are J2EE and STRUTS framework (M.V.C Architecture) on IBM Web Sphere Application Developer (W.S.A.D) for developing the code for the application and SQL SERVER as the back end tool on Microsoft Windows platform.

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