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Biometrics – Developing the Architecture, API, Encryption and Security (Computer/Electronics Project)

As the technology behind biometrics become cheaper and more reliable, many companies have begun to integrate various biometrics into their existing security system. This document will explain how to implement and build biometric technology to augment current security systems while explaining specific issues that need to be addressed.

Designed to benefit both technical and non-technical professionals, this real world information will enable developers to develop biometric solutions without compromising the intended security enhancement.

Seamlessly developing biometrics to enhance your existing security

– Template storage and management issues

– Template encryption issues

– Security and integrity of biometric data from source to output

– Potential security threats and solutions to them

– Export restrictions regarding certain biometric implementations

Developing API’s (Application Programming Interface)

– Current status of the biometric API’s

– How to use and which is best for you?

– API’s and implementing a secure system

– API’s and non-PC platforms

– Exploring template compatibility

Developing a common methodology for software developers looking to integrate biometrics into their applications

– End user education

– Making applications easier to use via biometrics

– Common UI (User Interface) issues regarding biometrics

– User enrollment problems and solutions

– Client/Server programming issues to consider

– Frequent error conditions and how to handle them

– Audit and event logs issues while addressing privacy
Source: NIST
Author: William H. Saito, President/CEO

Developing a Biometric System

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