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Voice Based Automated Transport Enquiry System in and MySQL (Computer Project)

Now this is the age of speed. Everything happens in the speed of supersonic. The data can be transferred at the speed of light in the digital medium, can travel in the supersonic speed, hence three is a need of information inflow in the same speed. Here is one such need of information fast enough.

We have experienced waiting in transport terminals for transport controllers to get the information about the transport facility. We encounter so many times there will be no person for providing these information which significantly wastes the time just to know whether there is any facility or not. Here is one solution for such a problem which lessens the human intervention in providing such information in the transport terminals.

Voice Based Automated Transport Enquiry System is the enquiry system which operates based on the voice input given by the user. There is no communication which is understood more appropriately than voice. This system too uses the voice commands and gives the required information in the form of voice.

This system is can be installed in any transport terminal like Bus stands, Railway terminals or airports.

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