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Harmonic Generation in Multiresonant Plasma Films (Electrical Project)

We investigate second- and third-harmonic generation in a slab of material that displays plasma resonances at the pump and its harmonic frequencies. Near-zero refractive indices and local field enhancement can deplete the pump for kW/cm2 incident powers, without resorting to other resonant photonic mechanisms.

We show that low-threshold, highly efficient nonlinear processes are possible in the presence of losses and phase mismatch in structures that are 104 times shorter than typical nonlinear crystals, for relatively low irradiance values.

The discovery of second-harmonic generation (SHG) was pivotal to the development of modern optics. During the
last half century a plethora of devices and applications related to light generation have flourished, in large part brought about by the voluminous research on novel nonlinear materials and the enormous potential of nonlinear processes.
Source: Charles M. Bowden Research Center
Authors: Maria Antonietta Vincenti | Domenico de Ceglia | Joseph W. Haus | Michael Scalora

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