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Hydraulic and Hydrologic Properties of the Sabine River (Civil Project)

The Sabine River is located in Northeast Texas and is home to many threatened and endangered species as well as a growing human population. It is important to understand channel properties and flow characteristics of rivers in order better manage these important natural resources. The Sabine was monitored for hydraulic and hydrological properties as this is a poorly understood river at this point in time.

Hydraulic modeling was conducted to determine channel velocities and shear stresses during different storm frequencies. It was found that velocity and shear stress had a direct relationship at lower velocities. A comparison of existing Geographic Information System (GIS) data and field-collected data showed similar findings. In addition, hydrological properties such as return flows and 7-day low flows were calculated from gauge data for use in the hydraulic model and to better understand the Sabine River.
Source: University of Texas
Authors: Annie L. Bryant

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