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Design Strategy for a 3-Phase Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) (Electrical Project)

This paper describes the design processes for a 3-Phase Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) as broken up into two stages: The AC-DC converter and the DC-AC converter. It acknowledges three (3) design versions, all. The output of the motor drive is 3-phase pulse width modulation (PWM) ranging in possible operation frequencies from 0Hz to 13kHz. The frequency control circuit uses an Arduino Uno based of the ATMEGA 328p.

This document describes the design road taken when looking at a 3-phase Variable Frequency Drive (VFD). These motor drives are designed to be used in conjunction with a 3-phase induction motor. Because these motors typically only have an on/off state of operation, a VFD is needed if multiple operation speeds are desired. Also, apart from selectable speeds, the efficiency of the overall system is increased due to the fact that the motor only sees the necessary amount of input power to achieve desirable output power. Also, the motor can be slowly brought up to speed, eliminating huge start-up current spikes.
Source: California Polytechnic State University
Author: Omar David Munoz

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