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Equity and equality in HR-work in South Africa (Management Project)

In this thesis we have studied equality and equity from an HR perspective in South Africa. The study is partly made from an inductive approach and an analytical interpretation in line with hermeneutic has been used. The data is mainly contracted from interviews with HR professionals within various South African organizations.

A mix of snowball and convenience sample has been used and among our respondents there are a variety and mix of the following variables: gender, position (manager/practitioner), race (blacks/white) and organization sector(public/parastatal/private). Our main findings are that equality and equity are highly debated topics and that the laws regulating them have a major effect on the HR professionals’ dailywork.

The study gives us various perspectives of employment equity but a majority of our respondents do believe that the regulation of employment equity is needed. We find that there are obstacles for achieving equality in South African workplaces and our respondents have given us examples of different ways of how to tackle them. Many of our respondents are also of the opinion that there is a lack of implementation of the regulations and that it is time to rewrite several Acts.
Source: Umeå University
Authors: Andersson, Lisa | Gardeström, Erik

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