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Spinning LED Figure (Mechanical Project)

The thesis is a study about pixel density of a 3D projection, projected by a spinning ring with LED attached to its surface and which parameters impact the pixel density. A theory of when and how the 3D projection occurs was developed. The theory is based on the works of Max Wertheimer in 1912 on the subject of ϕ-movement.

A demonstrator is built to prove that the concept works in reality. The demonstrator and the theory is then evaluated and the results showed that to to get the highest pixel density, the number of LED configurations should be increased and the RPM of the ring decreased. The number of LED:s is a scaler factor to increase the pixel density but compromises the systems stability margins.

The project will use a number of RGB LED:s attached in a circular segment, to a spinning ring, turning on and off in different configurations, to project a 3D-image. What the thesis will cover is the relationship between the pixel density in a projected image and the RPM of the ring.
Source: KTH
Authors: Fjellander, Peter | Gärtner, Simon

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