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Adaptive Threshold-Based Approach for Energy-Efficient Consolidation of Virtual Machines in Cloud Data Centers (Computer Project)

The rapid growth in demand for computational power driven by modern service applications combined with the shift to the Cloud computing model have led to the establishment of large-scale virtualized data centers. Such data centers consume enormous amounts of electrical energy resulting in high operating costs and carbon dioxide emissions.

Dynamic consolidation of virtual machines (VMs) and switching idle nodes off allow Cloud providers to optimize resource usage and reduce energy consumption. However, the obligation of providing high quality of service to customers leads to the necessity in dealing with the energy-performance trade-off.

We propose a novel technique for dynamic consolidation of VMs based on adaptive utilization thresholds, which ensures a high level of meeting the Service Level Agreements (SLA). We validate the high efficiency of the proposed technique across different kinds of workloads using workload traces from more than a thousand PlanetLab servers.
Source: University of Melbourne
Author: Abe, Raj

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