Marketing Mix – A Case Study with Nestle (MBA Project)

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Objectives of Nestle:

Marketing objectives are compatible with the overall corporate objectives of nestle. Company’s objective is to be the world’s largest and best branded food manufacturer while insuring that nestle name is synonymous with the products of the highest quality.

Its chief objectives are:

• To achieve compatibility with international voluntary standards on environmental management systems.

• To build mutual trust with consumers, governmental authorities and business partners.

• To ensure continuous improvement of nestles environmental performance.

• Conservation of natural resources and minimization of waste.

• Total compliance with the laws.

• To establish the benchmark for good business practice.

• Employing new technologies and processing.

• By committing to resources, both human and financial.

• Measuring the cost and benefits to business of it’s activities.

• Monitor progress.

• Audit results.

• Review targets.

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