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The Possible Development Directions of Ring-way Links Connecting the Districts of Budapest (Civil Project)

The immense urbanization of the twentieth century resulted in population and territory growth through the attachment of several nearby villages to the growing city of Budapest. Thus, the yet strictly organized structure of the city became increasingly uneven in terms of available infrastructure and the districts in the outskirts became hardly accessible through means of transportation.

In this thesis several paths for a new ring-road connecting the districts in the outskirts of the city are analyzed, having as starting point different plans being designed but not yet developed by Centre for Budapest Transport. The potential path of the new ring-road should be close to the east railway bypass, named Körvasút (Ring-rail) lane starting from Váci road in the north to Soroksári road in the South. The best alignment is discussed in more details, offering a clear view for the reader about its effects – if realized – on the present traffic situation in Budapest.

Furthermore, one of the core parts of this paper is the definition of a sustainable, modern goal and criteria system, paying attention to the tasks and aspects of Centre for Budapest Transport (BKK) meanwhile focusing on environmental, social and financial sustainability as well. Thinking about the livability of the city in the future, this is of utmost importance.
Source: KTH
Author: Jakab, Adam

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