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Application of PV Panels Into Electricity Generation System of Compression Stations in Gas Transporting Systems (Mechanical Project)

This thesis deals with problems of electricity generation and saving at compression stations of magistral gas transporting pipelines in Russia. Russia is a biggest country in the world which faces set of challenges like transporting gas in European part from far North. Average gas travel distance in Russia is over 4000 km which means huge energy demand for transportation.

Permanent availability of energy at compression stations is the key for stabile operation of gas transporting system. For satisfying those needs external sources of electricity used, or part of the transported gas used on special “self needs electricity stations” for electricity production. In 2012 in Russia about 655 bln m3 of gas were produced. About 10% of that number doesn’t come to consumer, because this amount spent for gas transport needs (biggest share is electricity production).

It is obvious, that in order to increase income, company should work on transport cost decreasing and on cheap electricity production. Even 10% decrease in transport costs can give economy in about 6-7 bln m3, which is bigger that production of many countries.

In this thesis pipeline systems efficiency and reliability, gas turbines in Russian pipeline systems considered. Analysis of renewable energy included and propositions for reconstruction of CS “Russkaya” with help of PV panels for electricity generation and gas usage decreasing included. Also, economical calculations and sensitivity analysis and technological calculation of PV panels installed included. Finally, proposition in area of principal construction of PV panels in hard relief situations on the Black Sea Russian shore included.
Source: KTH
Author: Belyaev, Alexey

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