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Active Consumers at the Centre of the Energy System (Mechanical Project)

This thesis focuses on assessing current technologies, policies, KPIs and modelling tools for enhancing the characterization of current energy demand coming from the residential sector in long term energy models. Today, thanks to the increasing spreading of smart grid and metering systems through the energy sector, new features are made available, allowing for more customized and optimal use of energy technologies, according to consumers’ behaviours and attitudes that affect energy demand.

Through the assessment undertaken in this study, a more detailed representation of the residential demand has been made possible. In addition, it has been allowed also to identify potential benefits coming from a more flexible use of technologies and the consumer’s engagement in optimally monitoring and managing energy consumption. Finally, the OSeMOSYS modelling tool has been enhanced with a better characterisation of the demand side in its Reference Energy System.

A solution for defining rates of flexibility for the demand side technologies analysed has been proposed. In addition, a theoretical framework for integrating consumers’ behaviours and attitudes in the system has been developed. This has been based on the modelling of virtual technologies representing costs and variations in energy demand associated with specific behavioural patterns, following the example provided by the Socio-MARKAL model.
Source: KTH
Author: Beltramo, Agnese

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