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Rural Electrification Using Renewable Energy Resources (Mechanical Project)

This study has been conducted as a Minor Field Study (MFS) and focuses on the electrification process of Rayal, a remote village in the Far Western Development Region of Nepal. The purpose of the study was to investigate the possibilities of providing electricity based on renewable energy resources to Rayal, both from a technical and a socio-economical point of view.

Preliminary research in Sweden was complemented by a field study in Rayal between February and April 2013. Wind power, solar power and micro hydro power were investigated as potential sources of energy. Wind power was considered as unsuitable, due to the low wind speeds in the village as well as poor infrastructure in the country. Solar power and micro hydro power were both calculated based on three different demand scenarios.

The results indicate that, depending on the demand and payment ability of the villagers, both solar and micro hydro power could be considered as good options. Solar power is, however, only economically feasible for covering the basic needs of lighting. At higher loads micro hydro power is more economically viable. Excess electricity could be utilized by community facilities, to improve education and health. Alternatively, it could be used to power electrical agricultural equipment which could improve productivity and hence stimulate economic growth in the village.
Source: KTH
Author: Beck, Madeleine | Schött, Cecilia

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