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A Case-Based Engine to Create Dynamic Content Adapting Users’ and Context Profiles (Computer Project)

Nowadays, we can find many interactive applications and mobile services accessible everywhere. Usually, these services have been designed to serve a unique target population, independent for instance; of the kind of devices the users have or the particular situation the users are encountered.

In many cases, these services do not provide exactly the type of information people are expecting and looking for. Another related problem in this particular domain concerns the way information is presented, both from a content and a presentation perspective.

Many times, although the content may fit our expectations, the way this information is presented does not fit the proper device, neither for our actual situation. Those are the particular problems we want to tackle in this work, the development of more flexible applications and services that could adapt to a particular user in different

The scope of this thesis relates to the field of adaptive hypermedia. Our main goal is to explore, develop and implement an approach that will let adapt a number of mobile services to new situations, depending both on the user’s and context’s profiles. In this report we present the ideas and results of the work we have been conducting
during the last four months.
Source: Linnaeus University
Authors: Gil de la Iglesia, Didac | Almiron, Daniel

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