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Architectural Rules Conformance with ArCon and Open-Source Modeling Tools (Computer Project)

In software development it is often crucial that the system implementation follows the architecture defined through design patterns and a constraint set. In Model-Driven development most artefacts are created using models, but thearchitectural design rules is one area where no standard to model the rules exists.

ArCon, Architecture Conformance Checker, is a tool to check conformance of architectural design rules on a system model, dened in UML, that implements the system or application. The architectural design rules are defined in a UML model but with a specic meaning, different from standardUML, proposed by the authors of ArCon.

Within this thesis ArCon was extended to be able to check models created by the Open-Source modeling tool Papyrus, and integrated as a plugin on the Eclipse platform. The method used by ArCon, to dene architectural rules, was also given a short evaluation during the project to get a hint of its potential and future use. The case-study showed some problems and potential improvements of the used implementation of ArCon and its supported method.
Source: Linköping University
Author: Fridell, Emil

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