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Raptor Codes for Super-Dense Networks (Electronics Project)

In this project, we investigate the performance of Raptor codes as candidates for channel coding for the wireless communication between access nodes. Very high data-rates are used, and processing uses more resources than transmission. Therefore, we need fast encoding and decoding algorithms for the channel coding.

Raptor codes have linear encoding and decoding times, and can have very small overhead if they are properly designed. Hence, they are possible candidates.

We have implemented an encoding and decoding algorithm for Raptor codes, as well as an environment for simulation. The system requirements are expressed in terms of delay between the beginning of a transmission and the successful decoding, and storage required during the transmission and processing.

We have evaluated the performance of Raptor codes in terms of delay and storage as a function of system design parameters, in particular the number of nodes in the network, and the size of the packets. We show that if the size of the packets is properly chosen, Raptor codes can be useful for the application,and we explain the method for choosing the size of the packets. We also provide a way to calculate the delay and the storage for a given system configuration, in order for example to determinate the larger number of nodes or the larger of users such that the delay and the storage are acceptable.
Source: KTH
Author: Baudin, Émilie

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