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Application of a New Software Tool for the Automated Test of Automotive Electronic Control Unit Software (Electronics Project)

Testing plays a very important role for assuring the quality of developed software. In a modern vehicle, more and more of the functionality is controlled by software and the complexity of the software always increases. The expectations on automating the testing process are to save time and to reach an even higher quality.

In this thesis, which was performed at ZF Friedrichshafen AG, a new tool for automated tests is studied. The tool is used for software in the loop simulation based system tests. The user specifies which outputs that shall be observed and which inputs that can be controlled. Based on these prerequisites, test cases are generated.

It has been studied how to apply the tool, how the test case generation can be influenced, on which systems it successfully could be used and which results that could be reached with the tool. The tool has been evaluated on the hand of two real-life examples; the software of an automatic transmission and of a pressure controller, a module of this software. It was found that there are many interesting possibilities to apply the tool in order to support the present testing process.
Source: Linköping University
Author: Amlinger, Hanna

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