Modeling and Simulation of a Small-Scale Polygeneration Energy System (Mechanical Project)

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The poly-generation is an innovative and sustainable solution which has become an attractive concept. The simultaneous production of electricity, heating and cooling including hot and cold water respectively in autonomous smaller energy systems can manage a more flexible and environmentally friendly system.

Furthermore distributed generation and micro scale poly-generation systems can perform the increase of the utilized renewable energy sources in the power generation. The aforementioned energy systems can consist of several power generation units however the low emission levels, the low investment costs and the fuel flexibility of microturbines are some of the reasons that the study of the microturbines in poly-generation systems is a crucial necessity.

In this study, an autonomous small-scale poly-generation energy system is investigated and each component is analyzed. The components of the system are a microturbine, a heat recovery boiler, a heat storage system and an absorption chiller. The purpose of this work is the development of a dynamic model in MATLAB/Simulink and the simulation of this system, aiming to define the reliability of the model and understand better the behavior of such a system.

Special focus is given to the model of the microturbine due to the complexity and the control methods of this system. The dynamic model is mainly based on thermodynamic equations and the control systems of the microturbine on previous research works. The system has as a first priority the electricity supply while thermal load is supplied depending on the electric demand.

The thermal load is supplied by hot water due to the heat recovery which takes place at the heat recovery boiler from the flue gases of the microturbine. Additionally the design of the system is investigated and an operational strategy is defined in order to ensure the efficient operation of the system. For this reason, after creating the load curves for a specific load, two different cases are simulated and a discussion is done about the simulation results and the future work.
Source: KTH
Author: Chitas, Dimosthenis

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