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Benchmarking of Temperature and Friction in Axial Ball Bearings Lubricated by a Novel Polymer Thickened Grease (Mechanical Project)

This project concerns the benchmarking of a novel polymer thickened grease with a lithium thickened one. The new grease has shown low temperature property in the previous bearing tests on SKF-R2F. A DAQ interface was implemented using lab View for a modified four-ball machine. The result shows the temperature and friction torque profiles of the greases at different speeds. The raw data is attached with a suggested improvement for friction measurement.

Grease is a common-use lubricant for rolling bearings which generally consists of base oil, thickener and additives according to the requirements. The thickener retains the base oil like a sponge and bleeds out during the time. The bleed-out oil, which is dragged into the contact area, separates the rolling elements and the raceway under some circumstances.

Less metal-to-metal contacts indicates less friction and lower running temperature, i.e., less energy consumption. Pumping systems are not needed owing to its semi-solid property. The grease inhibiting ability keeps itself in the bearing and provides continuous lubrication. In a maintenance or installation, grease is applied in or on the cage (depends on different bearing types) which is cleaned in advance.
Source: KTH
Author: Chen, Qi

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