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A Model for Early Requirements Triage and Selection Utilizing Product Strategies (Computer Project)

In market-driven product development, large numbers of requirements flow in continuously. It is critical for product management to select the requirements aligned with overall business goals and discard others as early as possible.

It has been suggested in literature to utilize product strategies for early requirements triage and selection. However, no explicit method/model/framework has been suggested as how to do it.

This thesis presents a model for early requirements triage and selection utilizing product strategies based on a literature study and interviews with people at two organizations about the requirements triage and selection processes and product strategies formulation. The model is validated statically within the same two organizations.


Due to the emergence of markets for off-the-shelf or packaged software, market-driven development is gaining increased interest in comparison to customer-specific system development. Due to shift in focus, the requirements engineering area is greatly effected. In traditional requirements engineering the focus is on fulfilling the specific customer’s requirements whereas in market-driven requirements engineering the number of requirements in most cases is large due to many customers, from different market segments.
Source: Blekinge Institute of Technology
Authors: Aslam, Khurum | Khurum, Mahvish

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