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A Comparative Study on Traditional Software Development Methods and Agile Software Development Methods (Computer Project)

Everyone is talking about the software development methods but these methods are categorised into the different parts and the most important are two categories, one is agile software development methods and second is using the traditional software development methods. Agile software methods are relatively considered to be quick and for the small teams.

Our main mission is to check which method is better from each other, so for that purpose we go out in the software development market to meet the professional to ask about their satisfaction on these software development methods. Our research is based on to see the suitable method for the professionals; see the challenges on the adoptability of methods and which method is quicker. To perform this study we have gone through a survey questionnaire, and results are analysed by using mixed method approach.

Results shows that professionals from both types of methods are satisfied but professionals with traditional methods are more satisfy with their methods with respect to development of quality software, whereas agile professionals are more satisfied with their methods with respect of better communication with their customers. With agility point of view, our study says that both methods have characteristics which support agility but not fully support, so in such case we need to customize features from both types of methodologies.
Source: Jönköping University
Authors: Aslam, Gulshan | Farooq, Faisal

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