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A Roadmap for Usability and User Experience Measurement During Early Phases of Web Applications Development (Computer Project)

Web usability and User Experience (UX) play a vital role in the success and failure of web applications. However, the usability and UX measurement during the software development life cycle provide many challenges. Based on a systematic literature review, this thesis discusses the current usability and user experience evaluation and measurement methods and the defined measures as well as their applicability during the software development life cycle.

The challenges of using those methods also identified. In order to elaborate more on the challenges, we conducted informal interviews within a software company. Based on the findings, we defined a usability and user experience measurement and evaluation roadmap for web applications development companies.

The roadmap contains a set of usability evaluation and measurement methods as well as measures that we found suitable to be used during the early stages (requirement, design, and development) of web application development lifecycle. To validate the applicability of the defined roadmap, a case study was performed on a real time market oriented real estate web application. The results and the discussions of the findings as well as the future research directions are presented.
Source: Blekinge Institute of Technology
Authors: Arslan, Muhammad | Riaz, Muhammad Assad

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