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A Methodology of Modelling a Wave Power System via an Equivalent RLC Circuit (IEEE Electrical Project)

The equivalent circuit method can be an effective modelling technique for system studies of point absorbing wave energy converters (WECs). For the continuously evolving design and study of WEC systems, an instruction on how to draw the corresponding equivalent RLC circuit model is needed.

It is not only vital to make sure the model is correct, but to allow the model to be easily adapted for different cases and implemented by different researchers. This paper presents a force analysis oriented methodology based on a typical WEC unit composed of a heaving buoy and a linear generator.

Three cases are studied in order to demonstrate the procedures: the generator with a retracting spring, the connection line with a rubber damper, and buoy motion in both heave and surge directions. The presented methodology serves as a guide to produce non-linear circuit models that give a reliable description of the dynamics of real wave energy systems.
Source: IEEE
Authors: Ling Hai | Malin Goteman | Mats Leijon

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