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Customer Satisfaction Toward Truemove Customer Service (Management Project)

Problem Statement:
How are TrueMove customers satisfied with the customer service provided at TrueMove shops in Bangkok?

To evaluate “whether” and “how” TrueMove customers are satisfied or dissatisfied with the customer service provided at TrueMove shops in the Bangkok region with the help of evaluation of service quality by customers of the shop.

Theory and Methods:
The research bases mainly on quantitative method; that is questionnaire method. The Service Quality Gap which aims to measure the customer satisfaction by comparing their expectation and perception of service after experiencing the service serves as the theoretical framework for the research. Moreover SERVQUAL dimensions covering Reliability, Assurance, Empathy, Responsiveness and Tangibles are used in the further development of theory and modeling of the questionnaires for this research.

TrueMove customers are not yet fully satisfied with customer service provided at the TrueMove shops in Bangkok region. The service quality perceived cannot yet meet the expectation of customers in any SERVQUAL Dimensions.

The issue of reliability in service aspect needs to be dealt with an overhaul of systems and routines while other aspects of service call for equipping employees with required knowledge. A focus on specific services to the target group of customers also needs to be established.
Source: Mälardalen University
Authors: Raja Abbas, Haider | Koobgrabe, Chokaew | Chutima, Punyanuch

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