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Comparative Simulation of Heat Transfer in a Cylinder of Phase Changing Material: How Does the Orientation Impact the Energy Discharge? (Mechanical Project)

A computer simulation was done in COMSOL Mulitphysics 5.1, on heat transfer in rods filled with phase change material (PCM). The main objective was to compare the rods rate of heat transfer at two different orientations, horizontal and vertical.

Information about the viscosity gradient, velocity magnitude and temperature gradient were used to analyze the result. The vertical orientation showed a faster rate of heat transfer with a large initial difference.

The horizontal placement shows tendencies to provide a more even rate of heat transfer. To analyze the simulation a literature study was conducted on the theory behind modeling phase change heat transfer coupled with fluid flow. The societal implications of better PCM technology were also discussed.
Source: KTH
Authors: Brännlund, Niklas | Henriksson, Joakim

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