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Evaluate Security on the Internet Cafe (Computer Project)

Internet security (Network security) is a big topic that is very important in our society communication system, but it is extremely dynamic and wide in scope. This is the reason that many companies and organizations invest heavily in a dedicated infrastructure security and highly trained specialists.

The aim of security monitoring and preventing the network from cyber threats requires vigilance over the network equipment. The case study of this thesis is to provide the possible solution to the problems encountered by the namely network users such as: Internet Game Center (Centrum Halmstad, Sweden) and, the Blueville Internet Cafe (Ede, Nigeria).

Our research and information collected over the telephone and a visit at the nearest office. We concluded that both companies mentioned above experienced similar cyber threats. The two companies have internal and external threats such as accessing the network via ssh by using it brute force attack, network war-driver, the installation of spyware, password sniffer, viruses, SQL injection and PHP attacks (web attacks) on the networks. The cyber threats virus and spyware are among the big internet threat to users, organization and companies.

We carry out experiments in the lab to tests for threats such as brute force (ssh) attack, password sniffer and war-driver in the Wireless environment. From the results, we are able to the select WPA2 using 802.1x as the best possible way to limit and reduce the strength of cyber-attacks, and as a suggested solution to the namely café problems in our report. We also list different suggestion and solution to the cyber café attacks from our research papers and information gathers from different sources such as library, internet, seminar and textbooks.
Source: Halmstad University
Authors: Akinola, Azeez Paul | Zhang, Chong

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