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Video Transmission Jerkiness Measure (Electronics Project)

Digital video transmission is widely used nowadays in multimedia. Frame dropping, freeze and reduced number of frames in the transmitted video are common symptoms of bad transmission quality.

In order to assess the quality of transmission, a criterion is introduced in a model for a no reference video jerkiness measure .

This model is different from the former models presented as it depends on viewing conditions and video resolutions, so it is applicable for any frame size from QCIF to HD. The model uses simple mathematical equations of jerkiness and can be used for any video sequence. A model of reduced reference method (Q transmission) which depends on a pre-measured Jerkiness is introduced as a suggestion of future work.

The algorithm of video jerkiness measure model is used and a MATLAB program is implemented to measure the jerkiness of the transmitted video. The program is used to calculate the jerkiness of QCIF video resolution in both (avi) and (yuv) formats. Twelve test cases are used to test the implemented program; the first six test cases are in (avi) format while the remainder cases are in (yuv) format. The first nine cases are error free with no observed frame freeze or drop. Intentional error (freeze) is added in the last three test cases, frame freeze is forced to occur in almost a third of the video frames and the jerkiness is calculated accordingly. The implemented program is used to calculate the video jerkiness, conclusion and results are presented and discussed in this thesis.
Source: Blekinge University
Author: Abdelsamad, Deena

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