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Simulation of 3 Phase Induction Motor in MATLAB With Direct and Soft Starting Methods (Electrical/Electronics Project)

Asynchronous machines are considered nowadays the most commonly used electrical machines, which are mainly used as electrical induction motors. Starting the induction motor is the most important and dangerous step.

The theory behind this project is based on representing the real motor by a set of equations and values in MATLAB using the subsystem feature, forming a corresponding idealistic motor in a way where all the physical effects are similar.

Starting the induction motor is the most important and dangerous step, where the motor properties play a major role in the evaluation of all electrical motors, and these properties are defined by the following factors:

  • Starting torque
  • Starting current
  • Transient state
  • Smoothness of the starting
  • Simplicity and economics of starting

The motor is started under different loads in two methods: Direct and Soft starting. Each method is studied and discussed using supporting simulation of currents, torque, speed, efficiency and power factor curves.
Source: Linnaeus University
Author: Abboud, Mohamad Moulham

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